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Experience We-Ha Podcast: Lumi Agency and WeHartford – We-H…

Experience We-Ha Podcast: Lumi Agency and WeHartford – We-H…

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In this episode of the Experience We-Ha Podcast, Jeff Lovanio and Ryan Keating chat with Melissa Melonson and Cara Stellato of Lumi Agency, a digital marketing firm based in Hartford. We talk about how Melissa and Cara combined their talents to build a successful business helping clients build their brands online while at the same time building a social website, WeHartford to highlight the great things happening in and around the Hartford community.

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Episode Chapters

0:00 – Welcome Melissa/Cara

2:00 – About Melissa & Cara

3:35 – Combining talents and spreading wings

5:45 – Lumi services

8:15 – The importance of branding

13:05 – What does “Lumi” mean?

14:30 – About WeHartford

19:00 – A resurgence in Hartford

28:16 – The Lumi Culture

30:25 – Melissa and Kara’s favorite We-Ha dish

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