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Mosman school teacher accused of mistreating pupils allowed…

Mosman school teacher accused of mistreating pupils allowed…

“Appropriate action has been taken in relation to the employee,” the letter read.

Mrs Curvey will return to the school in Mosman as a full-time teacher next term.

It is understood that she will not be allocated her own class, as has been the case throughout the year, but will remain at the school covering classes for other teachers and working as a specialist maths teacher.

It was alleged that Mrs Curvey had, at various times last year, shoved her young students, pulled chairs out from beneath children and manhandled students to get them into line.

In documents seen by The Sun-Herald, she was also accused of pulling a child’s arm with enough force to lift him into the air in March last year and, a month later, pulling one little girl’s shoe from her foot, then throwing it across the room.


It was further alleged that the teacher of many years called her year 1 class “stupid” and “useless”.

Last week, Ms Macfarlane wrote to parents to conclude there was “sufficient evidence” to demonstrate that “some allegations” were true.

“The Executive Director found that there is sufficient evidence to support that the some
of the alleged conduct occurred. Appropriate action has been taken in relation to the
employee,” the letter read.

The Department of Education last week confirmed that the matter had been “finalised”.

Parents at the school told The Sun-Herald that while they were happy the investigation was concluded, they were baffled as to why it took so long and why their children were called in for questioning without them being present.

Their concerns about the efficacy of the process have been echoed by others, who have branded the directorate “corrupted and self-serving”.

Others say that the directorate’s problem is that it is insufficiently resourced.

The department’s secretary Mark Scott has commissioned a review of the directorate.

Former senior prosecutor Mark Tedeschi will examine the directorate’s investigative processes, its role and its approach to procedural fairness.

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