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Hanna Lee Communications Takes Books from Concept to Publis…

Hanna Lee Communications Takes Books from Concept to Publis…

Hanna Lee Communications Takes Books from Concept to Publishing, with Built-In Promotion Throughout

Hanna Lee Communications, Inc., an award-winning PR and marketing agency specializing in food, drinks and travel, recently announced Book Incubator Media, a new initiative that identifies authors and compelling subjects to bring new hospitality-focused books to life.

Promotional efforts are built into every phase of the publishing process to create maximum visibility and ensure its success as a marketing-forward, author-centric initiative, according to a press release.

Several books are already in the pipeline by authors from notable bars, restaurants and hotels.

Book Incubator Media is a subsidiary of Hanna Lee Communications, which is now celebrating its 15th anniversary. It identifies top talent, including best-of-class authors, agents and photographers, to shape book projects and then work with established publishers. Book Incubator Media is an outgrowth of the agency’s “Meet the Inspiring Authors” series of book-signing events to support authors who bring erudition, deep thinking and insights to the global conversation.

“We love books, and over the years we have promoted more than two dozen authors and their work through our ‘Meet the Inspiring Authors’ series to give back to the community,” says Hanna Lee, president & founder, Hanna Lee Communications. “We are taking this to the next level with our Book Incubator Media. Our goal is to work closely with our authors, publishers and collaborators to make each book stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.”

PR and Social Media Incorporated Throughout the Process What sets Book Incubator Media apart is PR and social media are incorporated throughout the writing and publication process—before, during and after the book is published—to create maximum visibility in the press with reinforcing digital buzz via the agency’s Digital Studio Division.

This includes writing and distributing press releases, arranging interviews for authors with national media, hosting high-profile book signings and events, securing speaking opportunities for authors at top conferences and driving maximum awareness via social media.

Identifying and Rallying Partners to Leverage Resources

In addition, the agency will identify appropriate partners, such as representatives of relevant trade organizations, tourism bureaus and other brands that can become additional stakeholders in the books’ success.

For more information, follow Hanna Lee Communications, Inc. on Instagram and Twitter at @hannaleepr, “like” them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HannaLeeCommunications and visit www.hannaleecommunications.com.

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