Moz Develops New Metrics For SEO Analysis 10/14/2019 - Jean Pierre Bansard - Advertisement & Marketing Agency.
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Moz Develops New Metrics For SEO Analysis 10/14/2019

Moz Develops New Metrics For SEO Analysis 10/14/2019

Moz’s Domain Analysis, a free tool from the search marketing analytics and SEO company, launched earlier this week to support search engine optimization. It contains a list of experimental
metrics developed by one of the company’s scientists. 

Those include the typical metrics such as domain authority, linking root domains and spam scores, as well as metrics developed
by Moz scientist Pete Meyers. They include Keyword by Estimated Clicks, Top Featured Snippets, and Top Branded Keywords.

Keyword by Estimated Clicks can be used when a brand knows its
competitor ranks No. 1 for a keyword, but wants to know the number of clicks that keyword generates for them. It uses a ranking position, search volume, and estimated click-through rate (CTR) to
assess the number of clicks each keyword generates for that website.

The Top Featured Snippets tool identifies the keywords a site ranks for that triggers a featured snippet, as well as
whether or not the site owns the snippet. The brand that takes the featured snippet in search query results typically ranks at the top of the page and can expect outsized clicks and attention. These
are valuable keywords.



Branded keywords are a navigational query when users search for a particular site, and are typically some of the website’s most valuable keywords. It’s difficult
to know exactly what a site’s branded keywords are, apart from Google, according to Moz. Applying certain computations in Moz’s database, Meyers managed to find the
highest-volume keywords reflecting the site’s brand.

Finally, marketers may know the names of the brands that compete for a marketer’s favorite keyword, but some brands rank for too
many keywords to really consider the outcome. The new feature, Top Search Competitors, can automatically analyze the data and determine the calculations for marketers. It shows
marketers the competitors that compete for the same keywords as their domains, ranked by visibility.

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